The Center of Economic Studies of the Private Sector (CEESP), pursuant to its mission on proposing measures that promote a more affluent society with equality of opportunities; growth based on the promotion of talent and meritocracy; and welfare and material progress among the citizens of Mexico; calls for papers to participate in the first edition of the CEESP Prize on Public Policies, “The CEESP Prize” from now on, considering the following bases:


The CEESP Prize is aimed at promoting the development of original, applied, and relevant research on novel public policies that addresses and offers solutions to the challenges and problems of Mexico in different economic and social aspects.


CEESP calls for research papers that present proposals on public policies. Research papers can address problems in the following research subjects, in an expository manner but not restricted to:

  1. Economic Growth and Development. Research work must contain analytical and sound proposals, which are specific on the design and implementation of public policies, in their various aspects, impacting on higher and sustained economic growth, with concrete benefits, significantly raising the living standards of the citizens of Mexico.
  2. Productivity and Competitiveness. Research work must contain analytical and sound proposals, containing specific strategies and measures on the design and implementation of public policies to attain the economic potential of Mexico; close and overcome the current productivity gap and strengthen the competitiveness in industry domestically and abroad; promote the drivers and create the strategic assets, in different areas, facilitating Mexico’s productivity growth and competitiveness. Worth of note, innovation and knowledge are a fundamental part of productivity gains and competitiveness, given their impact on the forthcoming economic and social economic changes.
  3. Social inclussion. Research work must contain analytical and sound proposals, which are specific, containing valid and pragmatic strategies on the design and implementation of public policies to effectively lessen the socio-economic inequality and poverty in Mexico, in a brief period.


  1. Research papers will be accepted only if they contain proposals on public policies focusing on the solution of economic and social problems of Mexico.
  2. This call is open to the public; research papers can be presented both individually or by members of a research team. They can be sponsored by public and private research centers, and/or by scientific and technological institutions (except those regarded in subsection h).
  3. Research papers must correspond to finalized research.
  4. Papers that have been submitted to journals and that are in a revision process can participate.
  5. Thesis and dissertations from different educational levels (undergraduate, Masters, and PhD) are eligible to participate; research outputs contained in papers that are part of academic programs are also eligible.
  6. Participating author(s) can be Mexicans and from any other nationality.
  7. Submitted papers must correspond to the work of the participating researchers. Research work that is not the intellectual property of the author(s) will not be accepted (the author(s) must sign a declaration of responsibility when submitting his/her research papers, indicating that the submitted work is of his/her total authorship).
  8. Research papers produced by members of the Center of Economic Studies of the Private Sector (CEESP) cannot participate nor those of the Business Directive Council in Mexico (CEE). Members of the CEESP Technical Advisory Council (CAT), CEESP organizing committee, and members of assessment board cannot participate.
  9. Research papers that have been previously awarded a research prize are not accepted.
  10. Similarly, in case of being awarded The CEESP Prize, author(s) must commit to not submitting the same research paper to participate in a prize different than The CEESP Prize. This is based on the purpose of preventing possible conflicts on the intellectual property of the research work.


  1. Research papers can be written in Spanish OR English.
  2. Papers must contain an abstract written in Spanish AND English, with a one page length as a minimum and two pages as a maximum.
  3. The front page should contain only the title of the research, followed by an abstract on the second page, and the content list needs to be included in the third page.
  4. Submitted papers must not make references to any person(s), organization(s) or special thanks.
  5. Extension of the research papers must be in the range of 60 pages as minimum and a hundred pages as a maximum.
  6. Pages in the text must be counted off consecutively (except the front page, abstract, and the list of contents).
  7. Text should be written in Arial font, 12-size, and 1.5 line spacing.
  8. Two copies in electronic format (i.e. PDF file in USB OR CD) must be handed in. The interested party (i.e. the author(s)’) must deliver the material in person or by postal service to the CEESP address. Submission of the research material must be accompanied with the corresponding declaration of responsibility with the author(s) signature.
  9. The author(s)’ name and institution of affiliation must be included in the front page only in one copy of the research material. This copy will be named as “back-up”.
  10. The second copy of the research material will be named as “for assessment” which must not include any information related to the author(s)’. No part in the text of the electronic copy “for assessment” must contain the name(s)’ and/or related information on the author(s)’, references (including the special thanks). Failure of complying with this requirement will automatically be conducive of permanent removal for participating in The CEESP Prize 2018.


Research papers will be assessed by the member of the specialized review board (SRB), through a selection process comprising three stages. Depending on the assessment obtained in each stage, a resolution will be given for the corresponding research paper as to continue or withdraw from the process


  1. An exclusive sculpture designed for the prize which is named “CHANGE” (“VIRAJE” in Spanish) will be awarded to the winner. “CHANGE” has been designed and produced by the renowned sculptor Miguel Peraza which represents the rationale of change in public policies.
  2. Only one research paper will be awarded The CEESP Prize, with a monetary compensation of $350,000.oo (THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUNSAND MEXICAN PESOS, NULL CENTS, N.C.).
  3. CCE and CEESP are committed to promote the public policy contained in the winner research paper with the corresponding parties.

Electronic diffusion of the winner research paper on TRUE ECONOMIC TALKS ®, CEESP and CCE Websites. Also, difussion on mass media is to be done.


  • Deadline: research papers must be submitted the latest on Wednesday, February the 28th 2018, at 17:00 hours (Mexico Central Time). Paper submission must be done in person or by postal service to CEESP / CCE offices, (address: Sócrates 124, Floor 2, Polanco II Sección, Mexico City, C.P. 11540. Phone. +52 55 52291149).
  • Assessment results: April, 15, 2018. Results must be informed by e-mail, followed by postal notification.
  • Awards and mentions: May, 3rd, 2018, during the second edition of the forum TRUE ECONOMIC TALKS ® 2018.


Juan Pablo Castañón Castañón
President of CCE

Juan Ignacio Gil Antón
President of CEESP

Armando Paredes Arroyo
Ex President of CCE

Luis Foncerrada Pascal
General Director of CEESP

Francisco Lelo de Larrea
Sub-director of Economic Analysis

Sergio Hernández Trejo
Sub-director of Macroeconomic Analysis

Gerardo Castillo Ramos
Sub-director of Industry Research

Address: Sócrates 124 Floor 2, Polanco II Sección,
Mexico City, C.P. 11540
Phone number: +52 55 52291149